Bookings are final once you receive our booking confirmation/invoice. We will then kindly ask you to transfer a down payment of 50% to our bank account. You will receive the bank details once you make the reservation. The remaining 50% can be paid in cash upon your arrival or can also be paid by bank transfer. Please note that we cannot accept credit card payments. For payments by Paypal there is a surcharge of 4%. 




As we are a small bed&breakfast, please understand that we need to have a stricter cancellation policy. Up to 14 days prior to arrival we will charge 25% of the total invoice, as from 14 days prior to arrival we will charge 50% of the total invoice and for cancellations less than 48 hours prior to arrival, we have to charge the full invoice. A cancellation invoice will be sent to you in case of a cancellation with all the payment instructions for the bank transfer. Please note that, as stated in the payment conditions, we cannot accept credit card payments but only payments by bank transfer (or payments made in cash). If a deposit payment has been made, then we will of course offset the cancellation fee with the payment already made to us.